Solidarity with Ukraine

The independent state of Ukraine was for years harassed by russian goverment in its bitter struggle to expand the territory of the Russian Federation. Their criminal actions found an unbelievable conclusion on the 24th of February in full-scale military invasion not seen in the European continent since World War II. Although we know that our words here have little gravity in worldwide geopolitics, we still must express our profound condemnation of all violent actions that have been committed, and appalling are still committed on Ukrainian soil. We staunchly press the russian goverment and people of Russia to stop this inhumane madness.

We firmly stand by our colleagues from the Division and the Insititute, our brilliant co-workers in Kyiv and Kharkiv, their relatives, and their brave fellow citizens. We strongly encourage everybody to help the Ukrainian people within one’s means. Finally, we hope for a swift end of the war in which Ukraine will be victorious.

Україна переможе